• March 4, 2024
Indian Army

Indian Army successfully tested a rocket and turret ammunition system from a Rudra attack helicopter on Sunday. A new generation addition to the strength of attack helicopters used by India.

Part of the Army’s Eastern Command, the Spear Corps shared the visuals of carrying out the tests of newly introduced counter-offensive weaponry from the attack helicopter Rudra while “raining fire and steel”. Notably, Rudra is India’s first homegrown chopper.

In the post on X, Spear Corps shared that “the efficacy of the platform augments the strike capability and lethality in the mountains. Corps Commander complimented the #Aviators on their professionalism and operational preparedness.”

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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) developed the weaponised Rudra variant of the Advanced Light Helicopter (Dhruv) to satisfy the demands of the Indian Army and Air Force. Two Shakti engines provide power to the 5.8-tonne multirole helicopter.

Close air support, anti-tank warfare, troop transport, and reconnaissance are just a few of the many uses for the HAL Rudra helicopter. According to a TOI report, the Indian Army currently has over 180 Dhruvs, which includes around 60 Rudras. The Air Force also uses at least 75 attack choppers; as many as 23 and 18 are deployed by the Navy and Coast Guard, respectively. The advanced light helicopter (ALH), claimed by the company, is “a proven helicopter” that has shown its worth in various utility functions.

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Rudra Attack’s lethal precision and versatility

the Army’s Spear Corps showcased the heads-up display (HUD) of the Rudra attack helicopter while it was engaging the targets with rockets and its nose-mounted gun, capable of penetrating light armour. The precision of the attack was evident as Rudra’s gunner maintained a steady and accurate focus on the targets using the digital reticle within the HUD.

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The Spear Corps stated, ” The Indian Army fired the New Generation Rocket and Turret Ammunition from the Rudra, the first indigenous attack helicopter. The efficacy of the platform augments the strike capability and lethality in the mountains. The Corps Commander complimented the aviators on their professionalism and operational preparedness.

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