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Drugs Inspector Jitendra Kumar’s residence raided, cash seized

Sleuths of the Vigilance Investigation Bureau on Saturday raided various locations. Related to drug inspector Jitendra Kumar in Patna and Gaya. They unearthed at least Rs 3 crore in cash, jewellery and property worth crores amassed by him. Kumar, who is posted in Patna, is also the director of College of Pharmacy, Gola Road, in the state capital. 
The vigilance sleuths had to use two currency counting machines to count the huge amount of cash amassed by Kumar. 
At least Rs 3 crore in cash was found till the time of going to press. The raids also yielded evidence of several benami properties. Alongwith land and flats worth over Rs 2 crore registered in Kumar’s name. 
ASP Manoj Kumar said over 20 officials conducted raids at Gaya, where Kumar owns a flat, and Patna. 
Rs 10 lakh was found deposited in different bank accounts of Kumar. As far as the registered property is concerned, Kumar owns land in Jalalpur Aparna Colony in Danapur worth over Rs 29 lakh, another land in Jehanabad worth around Rs 33.50 lakh, a flat in Manorma Apartment in Gaya worth Rs 29.51 lakh, a flat worth Rs 48.48 lakh in Vishveshvarayya Nagar locality in Patna and land in Danapur worth over Rs 62 lakh. 
Kumar had also made huge investment in benami properties. For instance, a flat adjacent to the one he owns in Gaya has been registered in someone else’s name, but electricity connection is in his name. Similarly, another flat in Sandalpur locality is also a benami property. 
The vigilance sleuths also unearthed gold jewellery worth around Rs 36.48 lakh and silver worth around Rs 1.66 lakh owned by Kumar. “The raids have yielded illegal assets worth crores owned by Kumar,” read an official statement released by the vigilance department on Saturday.

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