• March 4, 2024

Rashmika Mandanna- When it comes to expressing my emotions, I am very analytical and rational

There are a few people who reach on top and can handle stardom wisely. Rashmika Mandanna seems to be one of them. The actress who’s a well-known face down south, has been working in Bollywood films too. Amidst all the work chaos, Rashmika, likes to keep it cool.

“Well, I have a lot of patience,” she reasons when asked how she deals with shuttling between south and Hindi film industry. The actress also says that she doesn’t get triggered that easily. “During a shoot there are so many things to be coordinated. Glitches do happen, but I hardly ever get annoyed. My mom does get irritated with this attitude of mine. She says it is high time I start talking,” she says.

Not just her mother, but also her teammates grumble! She continues, “If something goes wrong during the shoot, I virtually ever complain about it, but my team mates have told me that I should start doing this. You have patience, they say, but we don’t (laughs). I then request that they go and complain (laughs). I rarely lose my composure.

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