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An air Attack from Israel on the Syrian city of as-Safira

An air attack from Israel on the Syrian city of as-Safira in the Aleppo Governorate was repelled on the night from Monday to Tuesday.

According to the state-run Al-Ikhbariya TV (Syrian News Channel), the Syrian air defense was repelling the Israeli attack south of Aleppo late on Monday night.

The Syrian Defence Ministry said that most of the Israeli missiles that attacked as-Safira were shot down.

“At 23.37 [20:37 GMT on Monday] the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack on several positions southeast of Aleppo – in as-Safira.

Our air defense repelled attack and shot down most of the enemy’s missiles,” the ministry’s press service said in statement.

No details on the extent of the attack or possible damage have been released so far. 

However, 2 rockets were fired from Lebanon toward northern Israel. 1 of rockets was intercepted by Iron Dome Aerial Defense System & 2nd rocket fell in an open area inside Israel. We remain prepared to defend Israel on all fronts,” the IDF said on Twitter. 

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that two rockets have been fired from Lebanon toward Israel’s, one of them was successfully intercepted.

Later, the IDF added that Israel had responded to the rocket launches from Lebanon.

In response to the 2 rockets fired from Lebanon toward northern Israel’s, IDF artillery just struck in Lebanon.

In an earlier post, the IDF said that air raid sirens went off in northern Israel’s. 

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