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Pakistan is again in the process of carrying out a big conspiracy against India

Pakistan is again in the process of carrying out a big conspiracy against India. The Pakistan Army has deployed a large number of arms and additional army personnel across the Line of Control (LoC) opposite Poonch district.

According to information received from sources, a lot of movement by Pakistan Army soldiers has been observed over several days opposite Khadi Karmada village in Poonch district and Toli Pir on the Pakistan side of the LoC across Degwar sector.

The villages there are being evacuated. The actions of Pakistan Army soldiers are indicating their nefarious intentions.

The Pakistan Army has mobilized near the Line of Control (LoC) and is assembling modern weapons. Helicopters and bulletproof vehicles are being used in this work.

At the same time, the villagers have been forcibly evacuated from the nearby village of Toli Peer area. The villagers have been sent to Tehsil Bagh. Pakistan’s Army soldiers are in action in the Toli Pir area.

It is being told that along with Pakistan Army soldiers. The Chinese army – the People’s Liberation Army (PL) – is also deployed, which is in the process of carrying out a big conspiracy. Seeing the increasing movement on the border, the soldiers of the Indian Army have also increased vigilance.

India and Pakistan at the DGMO level

On February 25 this year, talks were held between India and Pakistan at the DGMO level, in which it was agreed to implement the ceasefire agreement. Since then there has been relative peace on the LoC. 

However, it has been fired twice at the international border. Now due to the suspicious actions of Pakistan, there is a fear that tension may increase again on the LoC.

According to sources, in recent days, the local people were told that there would be a joint exercise between Pakistan’s Army and the army of any other friendly country. But after a few days, the area was converted into a military cantonment. And orders were issued to the people to evacuate the area. 

 Those who did not leave were forcibly removed and sent to Tehsil Bagh. Until new orders are issued, people are not being allowed to go to the Toli Pir area.

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