Atmanirbharta in Indian Army

The foreign aggressions and wars remain in the collective memory of every Indian as

a reminder of sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and soldiers.

While we are indebted to the Indian army, Air force and Navy for protecting our sovereignty,

integrity and national interests,

the role of the Indian Army is paramount,

keeping in mind that any confrontation with either

neighbour – China or Pakistan – will be mainly fought by Indian ground forces.

Indigenisation of defence manufacturing is helping to build a new and strong India

Thus, the Indian army plays a significant role in preventing the belligerence of enemies at our borders. For instance, in 2020, when we had witnessed Chinese aggression at Galwan valley, it was the Indian army who gave a befitting response to the Chinese aggression.

As rightly said by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, “We can choose our friends but not our neighbours”, the possibility of aggression from China and Pakistan is unavoidable.

Therefore, it is inevitable for India to strengthen and modernize its defence forces so as to

prepare itself against any kind of expansionism, and cement its presence as a regional superpower in South Asia.

Against this background, this article attempts to reflect on the indigenization

process of the Indian Armed Forces, particularly the Indian Army.

While indigenization of the Indian Army is critical for national security,

it also keeps intact the technological expertise within the borders and is

evidently need to boost the strategic capabilities.

It also helps in employment generation and acts as a catalyst to nationalism and patriotism.

It will not only solidify the trust and confidence of Indian forces but will also bolster a sense of integrity and sovereignty. 

In this context, when we talk about Atmanirbhar Bharat, the legacy of

Lokmanya Tilak’s economic nationalism is reflect in the initiative launch by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Considering the vast potential of India in various sectors, this unique initiative,

‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan’ campaign not only aims to make India a

self-reliant country from economic perspectives but in all spheres including defence.

In order to make this campaign more efficient and result-oriented,

which ultimately helps in making India a manufacturing hub and self-sustained country,

initiatives like Digital India Mission and Make in India are accelerating the desired changes

in manufacturing sectors. Since the launch of this flagship campaign,

the government of India has made several bold reforms in various sectors

which also includes defence areas, to achieve self-reliance in defence manufacturing

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