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Ram Mandir Trust reveals land purchase documents, clears air on corruption allegations

The Ram Mandir Trust has issued a statement following allegations of corruption leveled by leaders of the Samajwadi Party and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) over the purchase of Temple land at inflated prices.

According to the statement, the land situated near the railway station in Ayodhya has an area of 1.2080 hectares and has been to purchase at the rate of Rs 1,423 per square foot.

The trust said that the plot is adjacent to a road which in the near future it will be developed into four lanes, so as to become the main road leading to the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple.

The Ram Mandir Trust also said that for the same land. There have been many agreements between different parties since 2011, but due to some reasons they never matured.

The details of these agreements as per the Ram Mandir Trust are given below:

The trusts were keen to buy land but wanted to first finalize all previous agreements to approve ownership of land.

About nine persons are involved in this deal for the last 10 years, out of these 9, 3 are Muslims.

The Ram Mandir Trust said, “All the persons were to contacted, negotiated. Upon receiving their consent, they all came and sat down together to settle their previous agreements.

As more previous agreements were finalized. The trust entered into an agreement with the final owners of the land with immediate effect without wasting any time. This was done quickly but in a transparent manner.”

The statement further read, “The firm decision of trust is that all financial transactions will be done through banking channels.

Secondly, we have already purchased 3-4 plots including Mandir, Ashram It is the decision of the Trust to provide a piece of land of their choice for rehabilitation of each purchased temple/ashram/private property. And adequate funds for the construction of their buildings. Everything is on record.”

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